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Venite Secondary School has different sports and games that are practiced for 4 days a week. They are practiced every evening under the supervision of teachers. The sports and games present at our school in these days are; Football, Netball, Volleyball,    Athletics

The school has different play grounds according to the sports available. Those playgrounds are close to each other, so that students can switch and observe each game alternatively.The sportsmen of the school are mainly students and some of the workers.

Each type of sport has altering contesting teams, competing in championships at the school. Furthermore, strong school teams of every kind of sport compete with teams of neighboring schools regularly.


Sports in the school are essential for both, students and school workers, as the following points verify:

  • They provide refreshment to the students and school workers after daily studying and academic work
  • They promote physical fitness to the sportsmen and help preventing diseases, as the body immunity is strengthened.
  • Since the pupils of Venite Secondary come from various places all over the country, sports helps in socialization. The same happens with students coming from neighboring schools around the town in interschool matches.
  • In case the school team wins those interschool championships, medals or sport equipment is given as prizes.
  • Sports at school encourage and strengthen sport talents and interest in physical exercises.
  • Physical exercising helps students to concentrate in class and improves academic development.

All sports and games at Venite Secondary School are under the Sports and Games Department.

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